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Email Swipes

Below are some of our best converting email swipes. We mail a lot to our internal lists and will update these swipes as we tweak and improve them to boost conversions further. If you need any custom email swipes or specific content, get in touch with us using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Email 1


Become a remote, beginner-paid emailer!

Pre header: 

$40 per hour, regular work



Have you ever written short email messages before? We need to talk if you have that skill set.

We are currently looking for new beginner-paid remote workers who want to start work right away!

All employers hiring through our company are looking for people with no previous experience but are willing to learn. These are remote positions, meaning that as long as you can work the required hours, you can work from home.

Click here to complete your application if interested.

In this position, you will be assigned tasks related to sending promotional email messages about various products and services. You must write in clear English with no errors and provide consistency so we can rely on you to produce many weekly messages.

The rate we offer varies depending on what kind of assignment(s) you'll take. Still, generally speaking, it ranges between $40-$80 per hour depending on what service(s) they entail and your level of expertise.

Interested? Check out this page before completing an application to get everything important!

Best of luck!


Hoplink: https://hop.clickbank.net/?affiliate=YourClickBankID&vendor=easywriter&pid=joblandingpage&ifso=writeemails320

Email 2


Your writing skills are in demand.

Pre header: 

$33 per hour, regular work


Hey [NAME]

Interested in blogging? Getting your thoughts published? Want to make a name for yourself as a writer?

We have been connecting talented writers from all over the world with reputable businesses that need assistance.

In this job, you will be helping some of our top writers and editors by researching topics for them, ensuring their articles are up to date with current events and then editing them when they are finished.

You will also be writing articles yourself about your particular area of expertise. This is an excellent opportunity for someone who is trying to make their way into journalism or someone who wants a flexible job from home.

The requirements are simple but we need more candidates from [COUNTRY].

With as little as a moderate knowledge of English, we can open up a whole world of opportunities for you by providing you with remote work - meaning that as long as you can work the required hours, you can work from home.

Be part of our innovative team today by applying here.

Looking out for you,


Hoplink: https://hop.clickbank.net/?affiliate=YourClickBankID&vendor=easywriter&pid=joblandingpage&ifso=huffingtonpost

Email 3


Earn from home: Proofreading, Writing & Reviews

Pre header: 

A match with one of our most popular jobs today



Exciting news! After reviewing your application we were able to match you with this current job opportunity. As one of many top company opportunities, this particular assignment requires an in-home writer who has a computer setup at their desk ready to go:

Proofreading movie scripts or books. You can find spelling and grammar mistakes and be paid to work from the comfort of your home.

Writing blog posts & articles. With thousands of topics to write about, it's perfect for someone who enjoys writing—though there is no minimum word count requirement.

Write reviews of websites. You simply check out new websites and give feedback on how user-friendly the site is while providing suggestions on what they could do differently/better when making their website next time around.

-Here's a brief rundown on the position:
-Minimum 5 hours per week (flexible time slots).
-Remote, so available to people in [COUNTRY]
-Salary starts at $25 - $35 per hour.
-Training provided

You'll work directly with this small company based in your country, which will give you assignments related to writing content for their blog and social media accounts, proofreading their drafts before publishing them online, or reviewing other websites.

All you have to do is enter some basic information about yourself in this link in order to start being paid today.



Hoplink: https://hop.clickbank.net/?affiliate=YourClickBankID&vendor=easywriter&pid=instantapply

Email 4


Earn Money Writing - Apply Now!

Pre header: 

I didn’t see your completed job application



Are you still interested in our online writing job openings? As mentioned on our website, applicants from [COUNTRY are encouraged to apply and full training is provided.

If you have a strong command of English reading and writing, access to the internet and are available for at least five hours per week, then this could be a great opportunity for you!

We offer competitive rates such as 20-30 dollars per hour for blogging, 15-25 dollars per hour responding to comments on social media channels and 25 dollars an hour working with Facebook live chat.

All you have to do is click this link and complete your application.

I am excited to see your submission soon so we can get started on making money together!

Kind regards,


Hoplink: https://hop.clickbank.net/?affiliate=YourClickbankID&vendor=easywriter&pid=joblandingpage

Email 5


Earn Writing Royalty Checks Now


You don’t need to be Shakespeare to make a living writing...


Hey [NAME],

You might not know it, but Stephenie Meyer is worth an incredible $125 million - and that’s all thanks to the classic novel she wrote; Twilight, the captivating story of love between a human and a vampire. This popular series was able to break international records with five smash-hit films that grossed over one billion, despite the criticism from Psychology Today, who described it as “worse than just a bad book”.

But, this proves that it’s not necessary to be a renowned author in order to start earning royalty checks for writing. Not only do these come in the form of full-length books, but you can also earn around 100 bucks for a single article about gardening tips, or 200 bucks for a blog post about a local cafe.

In fact, writing a series of leaflets about your local library can bag you a whopping 500 bucks.

Now, if you want to start raking in the royalty checks, you’ve got to know where to look.

Well, I’ve got the perfect place - click here to see which writing royalty checks are currently up for grabs.

Wishing you all the best!


Hoplink: https://hop.clickbank.net/?affiliate=YourClickBankID&vendor=easywriter&pid=instantapply

Email 6

Subject Line: 

Join our entry-level writing team!


$25-$35 / hr


Hey [NAME],

Want to break into the world of writing? Jump-start your career as an article writer!

Even if you don't consider yourself a professional, you can start immediately with basic English writing skills and a knack for researching exciting topics.

Click here to read more about this job.

Be part of our team and experience the benefits of creating content from your own home with no set duration of the contract, researching the given topics, and creating 500-700 word articles with our training and support. Depending on the scope of the job and qualifications, reimbursement will be 150 bucks daily.

Start your application now and be part of our team.

Hit the button below.

Looking out for you,


Hoplink: https://hop.clickbank.net/?affiliate=YourClickBankID&vendor=easywriter&pid=joblandingpage&ifso=articlewriters

Email 7

Subject Line: 

Start Writing & Earn Up to $35/hr!

Pre header: 

Perfect match for today’s job of the day



Stop searching. Be compensated for writing online.

Put your writing skills to use and be compensated while doing it! Obtain pre-qualification and discover starter online writing roles that provide up to 35 bucks per hour with complete instruction in merely 30 minutes. You can work from home or on a laptop without traveling.

Click here to apply.

Use your skills and knowledge and become part of a thriving online community. It's quick and straightforward, and you'll start earning! Work directly with a small company and make a real difference to their blog and social media accounts.

Sign up below and be part of the future. Re-enter your details and start work on Monday.


Hoplink: https://hop.clickbank.net/?affiliate=YourClickbankID&vendor=easywriter&pid=joblandingpage

Email 8

Subject Line: 

Get Paid to Write with Us!

Pre header: 

Hiring right now



We are searching for new writers to join our platform to carry out entry-level blog writing tasks.

There is an hourly rate of $35, with training being given for the job.

You would be assisting e-commerce stores to write brief blog entries to introduce their new products.

For this job, you would be given an image of the product and details about it, such as its cost, and then you must craft a 500-word blog post about the product for the business to post on their blog. Only fundamental English and grammar skills are necessary for this job and full guidance will be provided.

The contract does not have a fixed duration and the hourly rate is $35.

To qualify, you should be able to access a laptop or phone, work autonomously, possess fundamental English reading and writing abilities, strictly adhere to instructions, have a dependable internet connection, and have at least 5 hours of availability each week.

If you are available to start soon, click this link to begin the application process now.

Don't hesitate, these opportunities won't last long.

Looking out for you,


Hoplink: https://hop.clickbank.net/?affiliate=YourClickbankID&vendor=easywriter&pid=joblandingpage&ifso=writeblogpost

Email 9


Make $20-$30/hour writing tweets!


$20-$30 / hr



We are currently in search of individuals from your country to compose tweets for a personal development firm.

This job opportunity can be conducted from the comfort of your home, and no credentials are needed.

What we seek are individuals who can be trusted to complete their work with efficiency. If you find yourself intrigued by this offer, please click here to apply.

The tasks would consist of creating brief yet inspiring tweets, using pre-made templates for reference. This is a very uncomplicated job as each post will not surpass a couple of sentences.

The contract does not contain a fixed term and the rate of pay per hour ranges from $20-$30, contingent upon the type of work and prior experience.

Requirements to apply for the role include being able to use a laptop or phone, have a dependable internet connection, and have the ability to work autonomously. In addition, being able to read and write English proficiently is necessary. As for the hours, you are able to choose when and how many hours per week to work.

If you can start immediately, don't wait - fill out your application right away.

We are looking forward to having you join us!

Looking out for you,


Hoplink: https://hop.clickbank.net/?affiliate=YourClickbankID&vendor=easywriter&pid=joblandingpage&ifso=writemotivationaltweets

Email 10

Subject Line: 

Get Paid to Write - Apply Now!

Pre header: 

$25-$35 / hr



Love writing and want to make some extra money? Look no further!

Paid Online Writing Jobs is a great opportunity for anyone looking for extra work to fill their hours. We're offering competitive rates to create content for social media accounts, so you'll have the opportunity to gain valuable experience, increase your skill set, and receive profitable wages.

Take control of your work and make your own schedule; you don't even need prior experience. As long as you have access to a laptop, tablet, or phone, a reliable internet connection, and some proficiency in the English language, you can get started right away. So don't wait and apply now - start getting paid to do what you love.

Click this link to get started with Paid Online Writing Jobs, and get a rate of $1 per Facebook post! Don't miss this opportunity.

Looking out for you,


Hoplink: https://hop.clickbank.net/?affiliate=YourClickBankID&vendor=easywriter&pid=joblandingpage&ifso=1perfacebookcomment

High Converting Banners

FB Ad Images

Pinterest Pins

Rebrandable Report

Product Images

Web Page MockupsClick here to download

Job DatabaseClick here to download


Download them – beneath each video is a direct download link so that you can save the video file to your computer and then upload it to your website or video streaming service.

Why Online Writing? – Click here to download this video file

How to become a freelance writer? – Click here to download this video file

Short Ads

Use these short ads and matching job landing page variations to post on social media, forums, emails, and blog posts.

Write Blog Posts - $35 an Hour 

We are currently hiring new writers on our platform for entry-level blog writing jobs. The pay starts at $35 per hour, and full training is provided. You will be working for e-commerce stores, helping write short blog posts introducing their new products. Check out here to complete your application if you are interested.  

Affiliate Link: https://hop.clickbank.net/?affiliate=YourClickbankID&vendor=easywriter&pid=joblandingpage&ifso=writeblogpost

Landing Page Link: https://paidonlinewritingjobs.com/funnel/joblanding/paid-online-writing-job-position/?ifso=writeblogpost

Click Here For All Short Ads

Twitter Writers - $15 per Tweet

Do you use Twitter? Do you have basic English writing skills? If so, these Twitter writing jobs might be perfect for you. They are paying $15 per Tweet, and all you need to do is summarize a blog post into a Tweet (280 characters or less) and find a relevant image to go with it. 

Affiliate Link: https://hop.clickbank.net/?affiliate=YourClickbankID&vendor=easywriter&pid=joblandingpage&ifso=twitterwriters

Landing Page Link: https://paidonlinewritingjobs.com/funnel/joblanding/paid-online-writing-job-position/?ifso=twitterwriters


Moderate FB Comments: $30 - $40/hr 

The Facebook comment section on any page can get pretty crazy, and it’s no different for a business’s Facebook pages. That is why businesses all over the world are hiring people to help manage the comments section on their Facebook pages. Go here to complete your application if you are interested.  

Affiliate Link: https://hop.clickbank.net/?affiliate=YourClickbankID&vendor=easywriter&pid=joblandingpage&ifso=moderatefbcomments

Landing Page Link: https://paidonlinewritingjobs.com/funnel/joblanding/paid-online-writing-job-position/?ifso=moderatefbcomments


Article Writers - $250 a day 

This job posting is looking to hire people for entry-level article writing positions from all countries. Entry-level article writing jobs are not for professional writers, but you need basic English writing skills and the ability to research topics. Here are the job details…

Affiliate Link: https://hop.clickbank.net/?affiliate=YourClickbankID&vendor=easywriter&pid=joblandingpage&ifso=articlewriters

Landing Page Link: https://paidonlinewritingjobs.com/funnel/joblanding/paid-online-writing-job-position/?ifso=articlewriters


Write eBay Listings - $15 per listing

This is an online writing job that requires writing ads for eBay listings. You can apply for these jobs if you are from any country. Businesses that have a wide variety of items on eBay need to hire writers to help them write new sales listings for all their new products each week. As these listings are based on templates, the level of writing skill required is quite low, making this an ideal entry-level writing job. 

Affiliate Link: https://hop.clickbank.net/?affiliate=YourClickbankID&vendor=easywriter&pid=joblandingpage&ifso=writeebaylisting

Landing Page Link: https://paidonlinewritingjobs.com/funnel/joblanding/paid-online-writing-job-position/?ifso=writeebaylisting


Write Forum Posts - $20 per post

This forum posting job is for beginner writers and will be filled quickly. We are looking to hire new writers from all countries right now. Businesses can get a lot of traffic to their website by replying to comments and posting in forums online. But to do this they need regular people to sign up for the accounts on the forums and post the content in the forums for them. That is why these jobs are so good for beginner writers online with not much experience, and you can still get paid $20 per post. 

Affiliate Link: https://hop.clickbank.net/?affiliate=YourClickbankID&vendor=easywriter&pid=joblandingpage&ifso=writeforumpost

Landing Page Link: https://paidonlinewritingjobs.com/funnel/joblanding/paid-online-writing-job-position/?ifso=writeforumpost


$28.50/hr To Write On Facebook 

This is a currently open job posting to hire more Facebook writers, with a base pay of $28.50 per hour. These are beginner-level writing jobs and we are currently accepting new writers from all countries. You need to know how to use Facebook, have basic English writing skills, and be able to start immediately.  

Affiliate Link: https://hop.clickbank.net/?affiliate=YourClickbankID&vendor=easywriter&pid=joblandingpage&ifso=writeonfacebook

Landing Page Link: https://paidonlinewritingjobs.com/funnel/joblanding/paid-online-writing-job-position/?ifso=writeonfacebook


You’re hired as an online writer [NAME]

We currently have a lot of jobs for beginner online writers, so if you are looking for a job you can do online, and you can start right away, this is for you. These online writing jobs are available for all different levels of experience (or no experience) and are accepting applications from all countries. Pay starts at $25 - $ 35 per hour depending on experience and type of writing job. 

Affiliate Link: https://hop.clickbank.net/?affiliate=YourClickbankID&vendor=easywriter&pid=joblandingpage&ifso=onlinewriter

Landing Page Link: https://paidonlinewritingjobs.com/funnel/joblanding/paid-online-writing-job-position/?ifso=onlinewriter


Write Product Reviews - $40 a review

Would you be interested in testing out and writing reviews about websites, online software, and books, for $40 per review? We are currently recruiting new beginner paid online writers from your country and writing product reviews is one of the most popular job types on our platform right now. Businesses need to hire and pay regular product users to test their products and write reviews on them. You will either be sent or given free access to the product or service and then you need to use it as a real consumer would and write your review. These are remote positions, meaning that as long as you can work the required hours you can work from home. The businesses that hire our members are all looking for new remote workers who don’t need experience but are willing to learn.

Affiliate Link: https://hop.clickbank.net/?affiliate=YourClickbankID&vendor=easywriter&pid=joblandingpage&ifso=writeproductreviews

Landing Page Link: https://paidonlinewritingjobs.com/funnel/joblanding/paid-online-writing-job-position/?ifso=writeproductreviews


Use these templates to promote the product via text messaging.

JOB POST ALERT: Beginner online writing jobs - paying between 25 - 35 USD per hour working for online companies based in your country. To apply, you'll need to take a few seconds to enter your details here: [Link]

Great news, [NAME]! We currently have a lot of jobs for beginner online writers, so if you are looking for a job you can do online, and you can start right away, this is for you. Please visit here to complete your application now: [Link]

Hey [NAME]. I was looking through the completed applications for the online writing candidates and I did not see your completed application. Did you send it? Go to this link if you want complete your application: [Link]

Need some extra cash? We're hiring online writers for beginner jobs at 25-35 USD per hour. Apply here: [Link] 

Looking for an online job? You're in luck! We've got open positions for beginner online writers that pay $25/hour. Apply now at [Link]

Hey [NAME], how's it going? We're hiring beginner online writers for long-term projects. You can apply for a job today by visiting this link: [Link]

Online Writing Job? We got your back! Search for your perfect online writing job on PaidOnlineWritingJobs today! [Link]

Getting paid to write? That's so meta! Join our team of writers today at PaidOnlineWritingJobs [Link]


Pay-per-click advertising was one of the earliest forms of online advertising and is still one of the biggest today. Its biggest advantage is that it’s almost instantaneous, you can have traffic being driven to your site or affiliate offer within minutes of getting a campaign setup. This makes it great for testing out new ideas or products.

Like most forms of online advertising, it’s not like the glory days of the 1990s, where you could get clicks for any keyword for just a few cents. However, if you know what you are doing, you can still make a great profit from some well-crafted pay-per-click campaigns.

Below are some ad texts and headlines that we have tested ourselves and that have proven to be winners.

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Suggested PPC Ads

Earn Up To $316/day!

Easy Writing Jobs from the comfort of home!

Positions Available Now!

We currently have several openings for writing workers.

Paid To Write?

Earn up to $200/day on with simple writing jobs.

Get Paid To Write Articles?

YES! View 1000s of companies hiring online writers now!

Looking For A Job?

Positions available now. FT or PT. $10-$30/hr. No exp required.


Target Audience: 

Female, ages 35 and up


Tablet - The highest converting
Desktop - The mid converting
Mobile Phone - The lowest converting (about 50% lower than tablet), but is also the cheapest so can still work really well.

Highest Converting Geos:

United States

Affiliates Terms & Conditions

Affiliates Terms & Conditions

We thank you for your interest in becoming an affiliate of Paid Online Writing Jobs!

This Agreement contains the terms and conditions that apply to your participation as an affiliate in our marketing programs.

You must not use deceptive or misleading practices when promoting our products or services, including but not limited to misrepresenting yourself as an employee of Paid Online Writing Jobs or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries.
You must not use this program for any unlawful purposes or in connection with any unlawful activities.
You must not make any representations or warranties about the quality or suitability of our products or services for any purpose whatsoever. All such representations and warranties are expressly disclaimed by this Agreement and by your participation as an affiliate in our marketing programs.
We will pay you 75% of sales if you send us customers who purchase goods or services through your link on your website, blog, email list, etc.
You must not try to manipulate our system by sending fake emails or making up people who will sign up; if we find out that you've done this, then we will refuse to pay you for those referrals and possibly terminate your account altogether.
We will not be liable for any loss or damage which may be suffered by you as a result of any email sent by us based on information provided by you through your use of our website or through any email exchange between us; this includes but is not limited to loss of profits, business interruption, loss of information or other intangible losses.
We can suspend or terminate your participation in this program at any time for any reason without notice, including but not limited to if we think you are acting in violation of these terms and conditions or if we think that your actions may cause harm to our users or us. In such an event, we will not be liable for any loss or damage which may be caused as a result of such suspension or termination, including any loss of revenue or other consequential losses which may be incurred by you as a result thereof.
We reserve the right to change these terms at any time without notice. By continuing to use this website after such changes have been made, you are acknowledging acceptance of those changes. If you have any questions about how this agreement affects you, please contact us via email at [email protected].

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