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Writing about a Charity Product – Online Writing Jobs

Feb 12

Location: Anywhere
Start: Immediately
Budget: Less than $500

Job Description

We need content writers for a charity product.

The product is a watch which will be available in stores shortly. The majority of the proceeds are donated to charity.

The causes are Cancer, Poverty, & Breast Cancer.

The writer needs to highlight both the product as well as the mission behind it.

The writings should be posted on blogs and pr websites and directories. We are trying to create a massive buzz.

Online Writing Jobs in Uganda


Online Writing Jobs in UgandaOnline writing jobs are available on the internet for people who want to make some extra cash by working part time or those who want to work in the convenience of their homes by writing articles and getting paid for it. There is an increasingly high demand for skilled writers on the internet simply because companies now don’t want to hustle with recruiting employees to write. It is both time saving and less costly.

Developing countries such as Uganda have a huge untapped pool of people who would qualify for these online writing jobs because they are either unemployed or their jobs don’t pay enough to sustain them in light of the ever increasing costs of living.

There is also great demand for online writers because much as most people would be interested in online writing jobs, they have not heard about them and the few who have either don’t have access to the internet which is necessary or they simply don’t believe in it because they haven’t seen anyone who has earned a living on online writing jobs.

In Uganda today, there are very high levels of unemployment. Of the around 400,000 students who finish tertiary education each year, there are only about 10,000 jobs to fight for. This means that for every one job that is available, there are about 50 people to fill it. Even the few people who are lucky enough to get jobs after acquiring their education are over exploited and under paid. With online writing jobs these people would be able to work in their own time and convenience and would have the opportunity to determine their pay by doing as many online writing jobs as they want.

The challenges are that most people are ignorant about these online writing jobs, there is limited access to the internet and also for those jobs that require to paying some fees upfront, the means of sending the money is a problem because very few people have access to credit cards in Uganda and the other payment options like PayPal are not available in Uganda.