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Writer wanted for long-term project – Freelance Writer

Mar 15

Location: Anywhere
Start: Immediately
Budget: Less than $500

Job Description

Hi, I am looking for one or two high-quality article writers with extensive article-writing experience.

It will work like this:

I will give you topics for 150 to 500 word articles, pay rate is between $3 and $5 per article.

You will return the completed work within 10 hours.

You will be available online and respond to my messages within 20 mins of sending you the email. I work in the MST time zone (GMT -6.00).

This is an ongoing project, and this first task worth $20 is for 3 to 5 articles. If you get selected YOU HAVE TO DELIVER WITHIN 10 HOURS.

1. Impeccable writing
2. Deliver within 10 hrs
3. Be able to work in MST
4. Provide writing samples
5. Be able to communicate via Skype

Please don’t apply if you can’t do these.

Thanks and I look forward to your bids.

Much Has Been Said About Freelance Writer


Much Has Been Said About Freelance Writer Much has been said about freelance writing but we are yet to break it down by demographics. What factors motivate a female freelance writer? Are younger women and older women motivated by the same issues when deciding to become a freelance writer?

Older women are motivated by the challenges of balancing work life and family life. This is especially the case for single working mothers who need to not only provide for their families but also desire to spend enough time with their children to impact on their values. It is then that they become freelance writers. Life as a freelance writer promises one not only the opportunity to quit that third job and spend that time at home and sometimes make more money than one previously did at that job but also allows one to make little upgrades to the home environment like being able to easily and quickly afford to settle household emergencies like a broken sink. The idea of having extra money to spend on luxuries is an advantage that the older woman freelance writer stumbles upon not one that she purposely bears in mind when signing up to be a freelance writer.

However, when signing up to be a freelance writer the younger woman is acutely aware of the aforementioned advantage. Younger women freelance writers are motivated by something entirely different. With them it is about increasing their disposable income. The hustle of juggling studies and jobs eventually leads them to the haven that is freelance writers. It is about being able to afford the extra luxuries such as that killer pair of jeans without having to dismantle your budget or break the bank. It is about the comfort of a night out with your friends without worrying about how you are going to make up for the money spent. Young women who are freelance writers are able to enjoy their social lives without it causing them undue grief. It is about being able to came your hostel rent in two weeks and pay your bills in yet a third and still have enough to go out for a night on the town or shopping every now and then.

However both groups enjoy the benefit of the being your own boss and therefore dictating your income. The real aha moment in a freelance writer’s life happens when she realizes her power over her income which allows her to dictate her lifestyle. It happens when she realizes whether she make 200$ or 600$ is up to her. This is the most liberating of moments. It is also the moment when she discovers the true potential of the income she gets from her job as a freelance writer.