Variety of small writing tasks – Proofreading Jobs

Nov 16

Location: Anywhere
Start: Immediately
Budget: Less than $500

Job Description

I have a variety of small writing tasks to be handled. Some will be original writing based on sources provided. Some will be polishing existing rough draft content. Some will be re-purposing existing works.

Document type:
News Article, Blog or Web Content

Topic or topics to be covered:
Technology, biographical, general interest

Desired length:
Finished pieces will range from 200 to 800 words.

Additional comments:
You should be skilled with the English language. You should be an efficient writer able to follow instructions.

Legal Proofreading Jobs


Legal Proofreading JobsOnline writing jobs are one of the easiest home-based industries in the world. In recent times, many people prefer to work from home, instead of an office. This type of lifestyle is very flexible and sounds very attractive especially to people with children, who want to spend more time at home, yet still earn a living.

Proofreading jobs are very popular today, as part of online work-at-home jobs. There is no doubt proofreading jobs is an area everyone is talking about. The reason behind this focus on the proofreading arena is due to the ever-expanding base of information on the web and the need for people to proofread and check information content for errors.

Nowadays, proofreading is not limited to just the book publishing industry. Many opportunities exist now in universities and other educational institutions, media houses, corporate establishments (especially financial and legal establishments where billions of accountable documents are churned out every year) and government. Then there are mixed roles like ‘desktop publishing with proofreading’, ‘copywriting with proofreading’, ‘legal word processing operator with proofreading’ and ‘web content management with proofreading’ spread across the industry. In addition, there are thousands of opportunities offered every day for freelance writers to undertake contract jobs in editing and proofreading across all types of industries.

What is more, online proofreading jobs are a growing industry. We have to agree that we are producing more text-based documents than ever before—and it is ever increasing. Therefore, the demand for people skilled in the tasks of reading documents and error checking, fact checking, content checking, reference checking, format checking and layout checking is on the increase. Reading and checking documents can involve things like checking for spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, consistency, structure, substance and so on.

However, you do not have to be a professional proof reader to apply for an online proofreading job. Websites such as “Paid online writing jobs” provide all the training and information you need to start and improve your proofreading skills.

Online proofreading jobs are one of the great ways you can earn a living or earn extra cash while working in the comfort of your home or anywhere you like to work from. Nowadays, many people prefer to work from home as an alternative to office work as it is a flexible option.