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Mar 15

Location: Anywhere
Start: Immediately
Budget: Less than $500

Job Description

iMarkinfotech is one of the fastest growing SEO firm in India and US. We need quality content writers who can deliver in bulk and can handle the pressure.

Job description:
What we basically need is 150-200 word articles which have proper grammar and English.

We are one of the best SEO firms in India and are establishing ourselves in US. So the potential amount of article can be from [obscured] /month or even more.

Our current job is for 100 articles, The price we are looking for is / (3 articles). These articles need to be just simple English with no grammatical mistakes.

As you can see there is great potential and the winning contractor will have an opportunity to earn anywhere between 0-0 /month.

We are looking forward to work with some great people..

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Life that has Been Change Because of Free Online Jobs


Life that has Been Change  Because of Free Online JobsWhen we were young and in school, they used to tell us that hard work in one’s education leads to success in the future. This statement is true but the problem is that once you are done with the education not forgetting the hectic moments in primary and high school and lastly the hustling in college and universities, you are disappointed to realize that there are no job vacancies that seem to suit your criteria.

Luckily due to free online jobs, a lot of people have found opportunities to earn a living as well as to utilize their talents freely without being required to have an experience of five to ten years.

Free online jobs are convenient because they don’t require much of one’s time as long as the project is completed on the time specified. Thus, this means that one does not have rush to work in the morning amid traffic jams and back in the evening with hiked bus fares that are not pocket friendly.

My point is, instead of struggling so much to be employed, of which will take several years for you to secure a well paying job, one should concentrate on securing these free online jobs that are now offered all over the globe.

I know of many friends whose lives have changed so much by taking free online jobs and am certain that by securing these jobs, my life can change too.

To the companies that offer these free online jobs, I just want to recommend that it was the greatest idea ever since the invention of the internet. In fact through this, people have discovered the usefulness of being connected to the internet and other social networks.

Just like I started, I conclude this article by stressing the point that says hard work is the key to great success and I believe that these free online jobs require hard work as well.