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Dec 27

Location: Anywhere
Start: Immediately
Budget: Less than $500

Job Description

Looking for someone to write short story for a female product for ages 8 to 15. The stories will be sold online with the product. I need 12 stories about 15 pages with pictures all about girlz.

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Easy Way to Start Article Writing Jobs Article writing jobs are a great way to earn extra cash for yourself, simply by just researching the given topic and writing about it. Over the internet millions of adult and teen are now searching for online jobs, and the most preferred category is article writing. An article writing job is an easy way to start of your writing care. It builds up your base to more advance areas such as review writing and academy writing.

Businesses all over the world want talented article writer’s to write articles for their websites. The work is too much that they want assistance therefore they post their job advertisements on online writing jobs. For a writer to get t he job, the must look at the criteria of the business or individual and see whether they can meet the criteria. The criteria usually involves: no plagiarism, original work, good punctuation and grammar.

Further additions such as time limit or payment may be added as well. The time normally given is the duration for the employer to finish their articles and submit it to the employee. The payment method is discussed between you and your employee might decide to pay you according to how much word you have included. So you job rate might be $3/600w. Your pay might also be given according to the hours you have worked. So for one hour you might get paid $15. Another method to get paid is by t he number of article you submit. A rate might be given for one article and you will be paid according to how articles you can submit in one day.

In article writing jobs a writer can look for long term, short term, freelance or contract work. This is to match the ability and the number of hours you can give a day. Some writer will keep you long term because of your previous experience. The article writing jobs is given by the bids. A bid is placed of the amount you want t he project if you do get employed. The process for the employee is to see the most suitable bid. Most employees also like to read sample of your previous work, so they chances of you getting the job increases due to your past experience. So if you’re looking for fun work and extra payment then start writing articles now.