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Recipe method editing – Proofreading Jobs

Nov 24

Location: Anywhere
Start: Immediately
Budget: Less than $500

Job Description

We are a company who is focused on health and well-being and have created a recipe system to support our clients nutritionally. We are looking for someone with previous experience in cookbooks and recipe writing to check that the language used across recipes is universal. Any experience with method writing would be beneficial. We require you to be the final editor of the recipes before they go to production, to ensure the language used is appropriate for cookbooks.

Proofreading Jobs Available on the Web Today


Proofreading Jobs Available on the Web TodayThere are many proofreading jobs on the web today. You do not need to be a professional proofer to secure most jobs. Some require experience but the majority of jobs that are on the web require minimal experience. As an editor with the East Tennessee Historical Society, I work with the journal, Journal of East Tennessee History.
I work daily proofreading academic journals and article entries on a daily basis. In my opinion, most of these proofreading jobs are very simple that are on the web. I can say this because I have five years’ experience with proofing academic journals and article entries. If you have a somewhat of a command of the English language, you will do well with most proofreading jobs.

With the advent of e-publishing and e-books there is a great need for proofreaders. Proofreading jobs can be a fun way to supplement your income and an excellent way to read all types of great literature. Sometimes you will be proofing a James Patterson- type novel or you will proofread content for a blog. The work is very varied and you will not be bored with the work that you do. I like to proofread e-books and historical research books. These are larger projects but they have the potential of being good projects that I can work with one author for a long time.

An important thing to remember when working on many proofreading jobs is that you must adhere to your deadline. As and editor, the most annoying thing that can happen is when my vendors and professors do not complete their articles in the completed time. Remember don’t overextend yourself. I you cannot commit to a twenty-four hour turnaround for and article, DO NO COMMIT TO IT! (Some articles are designed this way.) Work on articles or blogs that you can work on over time so that you will not be overwhelmed. My suggestion to new proofreaders is do not overextend yourself until you get the hang of proofreading jobs.

There are so many proofreading jobs available. With the rights skills and a command of the English Language you can have an exciting career. In this fast-paced twenty-first century computer age there will always be a need for writing and proper grammatical syntax.