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Need Christian writer to help rewrite 2min Christmas video script – Online Writing Jobs

Feb 2

Location: Anywhere
Start: Immediately
Budget: Less than $500

Job Description

Hi, I am working on a 2 minute Christmas video to be used in churches as a sermon illustration, but need some help from a talented Christian writer to help my script to flow better.

The script is titled “A Christmas Sermon You Can Preach” and challenges the viewer with the idea that John 3:16 is a simple and complete explanation of the meaning of Christmas that anyone can and should be sharing their faith.

I’d like to play up the idea of rediscovering familiar truths. The Christmas story is very familiar as is the verse John 3:16, but with this fresh perspective, it makes it new again and its truths are timeless.

I’ve attached the draft of the script to look over. It’s a little boring, and I’m just looking for something a little more poetic/creative. Thanks!

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