Need Article / Blog Writing Service – Proofreading Jobs

Nov 22

Location: Anywhere
Start: Immediately
Budget: Less than $500

Job Description

I am looking to outsource my article & blog writing, I have several clients that I will need this done for. I am looking for a wholesale rate, and quick turn around times – I will have constant work for whomever I choose. Thanks and please let me know of any questions.

Why Proofreading Jobs are so Important


Why Proofreading Jobs are so Important Proofreading job is the reading of a text in order to detect mistakes and correct them. These mistakes could be in spelling or in grammar. Most of these mistakes are made unconsciously i.e. one can be absent-minded or they may have been used to writing short form of words thus end up doing the same when un-intended.

Proofreading has found its way as job for many people. This is because most writers or even students want their articles to be perfect thus they hire professionals to go through their written work to ensure that it has no errors. This has prompted many people to open companies that specialize in this area so that to capture this opportunity. The best thing about this is that, these jobs are found in the internet and anyone can easily access them as long as they qualify.

In order to be a good proofreader, one has to give them the benefit of a doubt that every article has a mistake and thereby strive to find that mistake. After creating this impression, the proofreader should go through the article slowly and if need be read it loud word by word. He should read exactly what is on the article and not what they presume should be there and after doing so, go through the article one more time.

It’s amazing that even though this sound easy, this is quite taxing and if someone intends to do a proofreading job, they need to have a high degree of concentration. Apart from that, their English has to be perfect both spoken and reading since only this way can they be able to identify a sentence that has spelling errors or is grammatically incorrect.

Proofreading jobs tend to be very well paying; this is because, no writer would want to publish their books or articles that have spelling mistakes; this will not only waste their money but also lose their credibility in the eyes of their readers. If you are a job seeker who has complete confidence in their English, it is advisable to do proofreading jobs as they as the best catch at the moment.