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How About Some 500 Word Articles People Will Actually READ? – Online Essay Writing Jobs

Feb 1

Location: Anywhere
Start: Immediately
Budget: Less than $500

Job Description

“People Will Actually READ”

What does that mean?

That means I’m not looking for regurgitated article vomit that is just a rewrite or derivative work that has nothing original to offer the web.

Come on people. There are already enough pages on the web that are rewritten, and if you’ve spent any time BUYING content on elance, you know why I’m saying that. I’m looking for someone that has original thoughts, that isn’t going to go to google and find something to rewrite.

If you’re creative, please bid on a starting project of 10 articles, 500 words in length that will be on topics related to cars, vehicles, automotive, buying cars, car financing… all things related to those four wheelers you see at stop lights and getting pulled over on July 4th.

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When we grew up and were introduced to the social networks, we can now write our own essay which they call blog for everyone to read. You can either make it public to be visible to everyone who wants to see and read it or you can make it more private for your friends only. You can see a lot of essays online. May it be about personal experiences or views and opinions on something current. Sometimes, we learn something from these essays and sometimes we just enjoy reading.

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