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Health Content Articles – Freelance Writers

Mar 15

Location: Anywhere
Start: Immediately
Budget: Less than $500

Job Description

I need 100 articles to be written on a variety of health issues. Topics and articles titles will be provided. Each article should be at least 550 words, if not more. They must be well researched, grammatically correct, unique content and written in a formal and/or conversational tone.

These are very easy to write subjects and shouldn’t take a quick writer too long.

No forms of plagiarism will be accepted! All articles must pass copy scape. This is a writer-for-hire position, meaning that I will retain all rights to these articles once completed. There is a possibility for a lot more of these articles in the future. These articles need to be delivered as soon as possible, preferably in batches of 20 every 3 to 4 days.

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A key step in maintaining a successful business from home is to set hours and stick to them. Make your schedule and stick to them. Self discipline plays a key role in your success and your money flow.