Fashion writing/Blogging – Proofreading Jobs

Nov 22

Location: Anywhere
Start: Immediately
Budget: Less than $500

Job Description

Hello, Im looking for a writer who knows about fashion and jewelry trends, I’m starting a blog and i don’t always have the time to write my own content so i need to hire someone to write it. The blog belongs to my vintage jewelry business. Im a collector of vintage jewelry and i need a writer who can write blog posts about the jewelry i collect, for example if i received big pearl stud earrings that look like the ones princess diana wears, then we can write a blog post with a lot of pictures relating those earrings to the ones she use to wear ect..
This is just an example, another example can be of vintage rhinestone jewelry or brooches, ” how to wear brooches ” post, or how to wear ” clipons ” ect..

Not only is the blog gona be talking about jewelry, but also vintage fashion in general, and celebrities like elizabeth taylor, marilyin monroe, audrey hepburn ect..

Its mostly about jewelry but i also want posts about clothing and fashion.
You will get my drift once we talk further.. Let me know if u have experience in this.

Proofreading Jobs for Retired Teachers


Proofreading Jobs for Retired Teachers During production of a manuscript or page, there may be errors due to human mistakes or machine made mistakes. These mistakes are generally set right, by editing of the manuscript. Yet the last stage of editing a manuscript involves comparing two manuscripts-one which is perfect without errors and one with the errors for comparing by a proofreading job-doer, who marks the errors according to their nature.

In proofreading jobs there is a source page free of errors and a target page to free from errors and these two are compared by a person who knows how to do the work. There are many proofreading jobs worldwide available for many, in many languages. In proofreading, a document is checked for errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntax; typographical errors are corrected as well as minor inconsistencies in manuscripts like fiction, non-fiction, plays, scripts, legal documents, reports, court transcripts or news copies. Proofreading jobs may involve three types of proofreading:

1. Format proofreading which involves the actual physical appearance of text. It applies to documents such as business letters, essays, scripts and reports. The main job includes consistency in paragraph size, margins and spacing. In some cases, outline formats and footnotes, checked for accuracy in form and syntax.

2. Comparison proofreading in which, the proofreading job doer has to compare two documents by scrutinizing the original and the draft. In this case, each character, punctuation mark and word in the two documents must be compared to assure they are identical.

3. Content proofreading is mostly the most labor intensive. This type of proofreading job involves the proofreader customarily doing the editing of technical content and the facts or the flow of the text. As one reads the work, he or she is generally expected to correct spelling, sentence structure, punctuation and consistency in terminology.