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Copy Writer – Proofreading Jobs

Dec 1

Location: Anywhere
Start: Immediately
Budget: Less than $500

Job Description

We are looking for a talented copy writer who can write 1000 ad copies on the concepts given.

1.Ability to develop creative ideas and concepts
2.Consistent messaging and brand voice should be in alignment with the overall creative strategy
3.Proofreading copy to check spelling and grammar
4.Ad copies should be persona focused.
5.Ad copies should be clear & persuasive

Proofreading Jobs The Best Online Jobs


Proofreading Jobs The Best Online Jobs Proofreading Jobs are considered as one of the best and easiest writing jobs. Man is prone to error in everything he does; this is the basis of the proofreading jobs. The basic job description for a proofreader is to go through the writing jobs that have been submitted by the online writers. The proofreaders check the work for spelling mistakes, plagiarism and correct grammar.

This might seem easy but it requires a lot of concentration and hard work. Proofreading jobs, like other writing related jobs, have also become very common on the internet. Most people turn to proofreading as a way to make something extra other than what they earn professionally. However, there are actually people who are career proofreaders and do it as their main source of income.

Career proofreading is also slowly gaining popularity. Proofreaders often require a lot of experience and diligence to make it to the career level. Online proofreading jobs can be a stepping stone for anyone who is interested in proofreading as a full time career. It enables one to acquire the necessary experience for the field. Proofreading jobs can be very well paying job if one is committed to it. Proofreading is also has very many other personal benefits. It makes one keen and observant to small details. It helps boost your vocabulary. Not to mention it enhances ones general knowledge since you are exposed to different topics.

Proofreading jobs also help the reader to keep their mind active and busy and to think and respond fast. Proofreading is an easy way to make extra cash during your spare time to help pay those ever growing bills. It is time for us to think of other ways to make money easily and quickly. However with internet jobs one should be very careful not to get scammed so as much as we need the extra cash don’t be too desperate and end up falling for scams.