Online Writing Job Scam

Online Writing Job Scam

Online Writing Job ScamIn this present situation, where top performing countries such as US and Japan among others suffered huge economic crisis due to unavoidable regression the best way to start your career is in online writing jobs. This style of job is so dependable and could give someone very decent / unlimited earnings too.

Before, I was hesitant in applying online writing jobs because there are lot of scams in the world wide web waiting to lure millions of people (just like me) that looking for this kind of job. I had no idea regarding this type of job and this is no big deal for me. I thought it was absurd and only a scam of making money out of other’s spare. It was impossible to achieve though had a little percent of getting materialized. It was in the year 2007 when I was first addicted to internet surfing. Giant company, such as Facebook was far behind and maybe not yet conceptualized by its great CEO/Founder by this very moment. This was the time of Yahoo Messenger (YM), Friendster and other related social networking sites that made heavy traffics in the web (www) and made tons (source) of income too! During that moment, I was so skeptical to try and completely place my trust in the said social networking sites.

Way back then, I am also a victim of scam related work-at-home jobs when I’d simply tried one. I’d pay a membership fee of about $40 and presto, I became a member. Fast forward, I didn’t achieve the purpose (gain money) in joining that company and I voluntarily stopped that non-sense activity without getting my money back (despite of money back guarantee promo). In that incident, it offers to me a big setback and the result is I was so hesitant to try again though not all online / work-at-home jobs were the same.

So, what are the reasons in joining or doing online writing jobs? What are the benefits? Are these real or scams? These questions are easy to address if only if someone had found a legitimate / trusted company that offers online writing jobs. First, you can fire-out your boss and be your own boss and work at the comfort of your own home. Second, you can decide on what time of the day that you would like to work. Let’s say, morning and / or afternoon at barely 1 to 2 hours every day depending on the nature of work you have presently engaged-in. Third, More quality time to your beloved family and friends. Fourth, Reliable source of income/compensation. Lastly, you can work anywhere and wherever you are in the planet (e.g. while in vacation, visiting a beautiful place or even while in a short trip provided there is sufficient internet connection in the area) and so on.

Work at home jobs suggests different array. One of these types is online writing jobs.  It offers anything which fall under this category. Others are categorized into its particular purpose and intentions, namely: Freelance and Article Writing Jobs, Medical and Technical Writing Jobs, Review and Proofreading Writing Jobs, Content and Resume’ Writing Jobs to name a few.