Freelance Writing:
Being Your Own Boss!


Not everyone is suited for the normal 9-5 grind. There are some people who seem well suited to working in an office or some other place of traditional employment, but the majority of people would prefer to spend as much time away from the grind as possible. In fact while I know plenty of people who slog their way through a normal job day after day I don't think I know anyone who sees it as anything less than a "necessary evil." Traditional employment makes paying the bills an easy proposition but it doesn't have much else to offer when it comes to personal enrichment.

The strategies outlined in this book, however, can lead you to a life of considerably more freedom and choice than staying in the 9-5 grind will ever offer.

Not everyone who feels some creeping discomfort with traditional employment is going to jump up the second they feel they can quit and then run off to start their own freelance writing business. There are lots of people who like the stability and structure of traditional employment who want to stay in it but want to have some more income coming in, preferably income that they don't need to spend a lot of time cultivating. The strategies outlined in this book can help those people out too.

This book offers two possible solutions applicable for both groups of people- for those people who want to quit their jobs forever and for those people who want to supplement their income with minimal personal fuss.
Reading this book you'll learn how to quickly build a successful career as a freelance writer, and you'll also learn how to turn that successful career into a fully automated and outsourced business that will provide you with cash every month that you don't have to work a single minute for.

If either of those propositions sounds good to you (and I have a feeling they do) then read on and learn how to take control of your career and your financial life for perhaps the first time ever.

Being a Freelance Writing Broker means you do the legwork to acquire freelance writing jobs which you then outsource to other writers who work for you. By charging your client's more money then you pay your writers you will end up earning a profit on every job without having to perform any of the writing yourself. This is a very simple business model, but one which can be very profitable when executed intelligently.

This Ebook revolves around providing you with the step-by-step plan you need to follow to create a freelance writing business as efficiently and as intelligently as possible.

The book starts by explaining how to start by creating a successful freelance writing career on your own, which is a necessary first step to take before you can create a freelance writing broker business. Becoming a broker requires having a good reputation already built up within the freelance writing world to insure you'll be able to get enough jobs to turn a sizable profit. You will also need to create, test and refine your processes and systems to the point where they can be reliably and efficiently outsourced to virtual assistants and writers. The only way to create, test and refine your processes and systems is through hands-on experimentation and work, which can only be accomplished by going through it all on your own to start with.

It won't take long to have a system in place that you can outsource and convert into a profitable freelance writing broker business, a few months at most, but whether you take the time to do the work yourself will determine whether your business is a stress-free success or a headache-inducing failure.

Part I of this book revolves around constructing that successful freelance writing career by yourself, including the exact systems and processes you will employ to make the whole thing as easy as possible and which will lay a solid foundation you will build your later business on top of.

Part II of this book talks about how you can convert that freelance writing business into a freelance writing broker business over the course of a couple months. If you already have a successful freelance writing business in place I still suggest you read Part I as Part II relies heavily on a precisely formulated system for finding, acquiring and handling work that may or may not resemble the system you are currently using.

So read on, and start building the business you've always wanted today.

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