Advanced Training Program

Congratulations! As a full VIP member of this website, you now have access to the full version of our training course as well as to our comprehensive database of writing jobs! This course will teach you what is required for different kinds of writing jobs as well as how to find clients and convince them you are the best solution to their problems.

Why Is High Quality Copywriting Important?

question-mark-man-150x150Quality copy has always been a priority in the offline world, but with the expansion of the internet and the proliferations of websites on every imaginable topic, a need for copy written specifically for web use exploded suddenly.

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Why Don't Most Businesses Do Their Own Copywriting?

Many website owners either don’t write well themselves, or simply don‘t have the time to devote to this task. Many already have a budget allocated for copywriting, but their budget may be smaller than required for an in house copywriter and they hope to find a professional to bring in as a freelance provider.

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Establishing And Promoting Yourself

The way in which you present yourself to prospective clients plays a HUGE role in how many new jobs and projects you get. You only get one chance to make a great impression and working online it can be even trickier.

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Understanding The Requirements For Online Copy

Writing for an online audience requires a certain set of skills that were not necessary taught to the writers of a decade ago. The printed page and the computer screen are very different to the user’s eye, and the standards of writing are slightly different for each.

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Publishing Platforms

Some clients may request that you create content and post it for them to high quality platforms. Some are simple and blog based, such as WordPress, Tumblr, and OnSugar. Others are easy to navigate Q&A sites, such as Yahoo Answers.

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Web Copywriting Post Panda

Avoiding the pitfalls of junk SEO copywriting is imperative if you want to set yourself apart from all the other web copywriters.

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Finding Jobs

Here is the part where you actually start work! You know what doing writing jobs online is all about, you know what kinds of jobs you will be doing, and you know how to do them. Now it’s time for you to actually start doing some jobs and start making some money!

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Running The Show

Finding writing jobs already posted online is the best way to get started as a freelance writer, but it’s only half of the equation. If you really want to make a lot of money as a writer and build a profitable business out of it, there is so much more you can delve into!

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Converting Prospects Into Buyers

Just because you have bid on some projects and sent out some proposals to prospective clients, doesn’t mean you can just sit on your hands and wait for the money to flow in. You need to convince your prospective clients that they NEED to hire you.

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The Profit Formula

There is a very simple, three part formula that we like to call ‘The Profit Formula’. If you follow just these three simple steps, you will be able to grow your profits exponentially.

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How To Double Or Triple Your Fees

How would you like to be able to earn 2 -3 times as much money for doing exactly the same amount of work? Well that’s what the pro’s do and now you can learn how to do exactly the same.

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Turning Buyers Into Long Term Clients

When you are selling your services as a social media manager, your clients are essentially your customers. Studies have shown that it is 5 to 10 times easier to sell to existing customers than it is to get new ones, so it is imperative that you turn as many of your one time jobs into long term clients as possible!

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Writing Proposal Document

We have put together a ‘Proposal Document’ that you can use to help you close more social media clients and get more sales. It contains a sales pitch on social media management services and a full services and pricing list.

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Handling ‘Problem Clients’

Know when to cut your losses and walk away. Some website owners are stuck in 2008, and simply won’t listen when told that shoddy keyword stuffed content just don’t work any more. Don’t let them force you into failure.

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Need To Brush Up On Your Writing Skills?

Has it been a few years since your last English class? You don’t need to be a literary professor to be able to make money with writing jobs online, but you do need to have the basic grammar skills and be able to write cohesively. Don’t worry though! We have put together a detailed section of ‘writing tips’ that will quickly help bring you up to scratch.

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Becoming More Productive

When you are working for clients on a project by project basis, if you can increase your productivity by 50%, you increase your earnings by 50%. It’s as simple as that.

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Reporting and Analysis

Knowing how to show your client that what you are doing is worthwhile is key in client retention. A reporting method that combines several different sources of data is often the best option.

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Article Writing Profits

How would you like to build a steady, residual income on the side of your writing jobs that sends you checks each and every month, regardless of how many new freelance writing jobs you take on?

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Write Your Own Blog

Writing your own blog is a great way of getting more experience, increasing your credibility and making some extra money.

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