Blogger/Article Writer – Proofreading Jobs

Nov 16

Location: Anywhere
Start: Immediately
Budget: Less than $500

Job Description

Online network marketing business that is solely dedicated to helping others build their businesses online using various strategies.

Document type:
Marketing Content, How To or Instructional, Blog or Web Content

Topic or topics to be covered:
mlm company reviews, mlm leaders, internet marketing, prosperity tips, “how to training”, product reviews, affiliate marketing

Primary message of the document
Primary message/focus is to engage readers to take a specific action

Target audience
online network marketers and affiliate marketers

Desired length:

Proofreading Jobs in Singapore


Proofreading Jobs in SingaporeProofreading jobs are not new. People had proofreading jobs when the classics of literature were being written. When Dickens was alive. When the Bronte sisters dipped their pens into ink. When Tolstoy wrote “War and Peace” & “Anna- Karenina”.

Proofreading jobs are as old as publishing itself. Indeed…I would hazard a guess that they are even older than that. For even when there was no publishing and all correspondence was written by hand on a parchment. Even then, prominent writers checked each other’s works. Sometimes, they dictated to scribes and then read the letters before mailing them.

So in a sense of the word they became their own proofreaders. However, with the advance of the technology and the advent of modern means of knowledge reproduction, proofreading jobs became a prominent field of work all in itself. Prominent publishing houses started to advertise for and fill out posts for proofreading jobs.

The main work of a proofreader is to read the submitted work of a writer and check it for grammatical, symmetrical, tense, hyphenation and other mistakes. If he is satisfied with the manuscript; then he forwards it to the publishing department. If he or she is not satisfied then the changes are made in collaboration with the author.

The importance of proofreaders cannot be over estimated. Writers are raw mines of talent. But often as they write, riding on the wave of their muse, they do not bother to polish their work. That job is left to the proofreaders. It is the proofreaders who refine the raw gold of the writer’s talent and turn it into the polished jewel of a slick novel.