Blogger – Proofreading Jobs

Nov 16

Location: Anywhere
Start: Immediately
Budget: Less than $500

Job Description

Looking for someone to blog daily for my website. My niche is prosperity and living a lifestyle by design. 4 hour work week business automation. Generate a full time income on a part time bases. Multi Level Marketing opportunity. Give the person a week tryout see how we click and ones writing skills. Could turn out to be steady work if we work well together.

Proofreading Jobs in New York


Proofreading Jobs in New YorkOf late, we find a spate of proofreading jobs, even offered online. This is a new and welcome trend. With the advancement of IT, it is now possible to access affordable talent across the world.

Earlier, this was perhaps a boring editorial and painstaking job. But today, it is gaining popularity. We find plenty of well-educated, masters of language who can do online proofreading jobs to provide extra income for family needs. Some may not be able to hold a full-time job or may be incapable of traveling up and down to the workplace. Their work could, however, prove indispensable. It is easy now to communicate at lightning speed so having a computer and net does the job and gives us access to their immense talent!

Since English is accepted as the international language, we need to translate a lot of material into English for the wider audience. Not all countries in the world have given that importance to the English language. To provide appealing material to the readers, we need proofreaders to do the proofreading jobs. When a work is proofread, it is in fact edited to make it interesting and error-free, easy to understand and appealing, concise and simple. China, for example, has a huge world market but their literature has to be first written and then proofread to be thoroughly intelligible for the English readers.

Apart from this, any form of published material in any language, also needs to be intelligible and appealing. An intelligent brain can give you brilliant ideas but may not necessarily be easily understood by all. A proofreading job on his ideas will be invaluable! Don’t you think so? It imparts an excellence to the knowledge that is spread and it reaches a wider audience; is easier to remember and easier to implement. Think possibly of an instruction manual for an available gadget and you will get the impact of this statement.

An interesting piece is always more entertaining and a proofreading job is necessary to bring that appeal and simplicity which we universally like.