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Dec 14

Location: Anywhere
Start: Immediately
Budget: Less than $500

Job Description

I am looking for a writer to write no less than a 50 page report on the topic of “fiction novel”
(I will supply you with samples of similar content and specific topics to cover within the report once I select you).

PLEASE NOTE that I looking for a writer to work with LONG TERM and will need you to also write other reports in the very near future providing your work is of quality material and your price per report is reasonable.

All material must be original content, my staff will check and any material found to be plagiarized will be reported to the proper authorities and not paid for!

Please keep in mind that I do require the following from you;

A signed contract stating that this is a WORK FOR HIRE creation that you will own no rights to and that your name will appear nowhere on or within and that I will own all rights to including resell and distribution rights.

The report must be written in;
A font size of 12 points
Times new roman font type
Single spaced
With margins no more than 1” on all sides (left, right, to, bottom)

I also need you to include;
– A basic 1-2 paragraph summary / report description that simply explains what the “fiction novel” is about and what it covers. (THIS IS A MUST!)

– A Table of Contents (Another Must)

The completed project is to be delivered in Microsoft word within 10 days of me selecting you.

Again, I am looking for a writer to work with long term on a variety of topics as long as your content is of quality and your price per report is reasonable.

This is a VERY EASY job, especially if you are a great writer, so please bid fairly.

Thank you for taking a look at this project and I look forward to developing a long lasting working relationship with you.

Proofreading Jobs the Easiest Job to Find


Proofreading Jobs the Easiest Job to Find Proofreading jobs have not necessarily always been the easiest jobs to find. In the past, some of the more professional companies showcasing these types of jobs have been part of industries like the newspaper, publishing houses, magazines, or journals for sciences like medicine, education, sociology, or psychology. Because of the magnitude of the content published and disseminated by these sources, proofreading jobs have required candidates to posses’ substantial amounts of education, in order to ensure a specific caliber of work.

Specifically, standards for proofreading jobs have high expectations in so far as attention to details such as spelling, ebb and flow of paragraphs, sentence transitions, and punctuation. Contrary to creative writing jobs, jobs which also generally require professional degrees, proofreading jobs are ones which don’t require much imaginative thought, instead, the goal here is to polish over content that has already been provided. A day in the life of a proofreader might go something like this; arrive at work, open emails, read over drafts, correct punctuation, change paragraphs around, and possible rework sentence structure, or content.

In more recent times, with the explosion of the internet and the paradigm change, with respect to the ways in which the global community now communicates, advertises, informs, and educates, proofreading jobs have not only become more abundant, but they have changed in terms of types of content, purpose, and with respect to which types of companies are hiring.

For instance, on any given day, a web search including the term, “proofreading jobs”, would probably result in a list of job search engines that have postings for proofreaders from different online hiring agencies like, or job By contrast, in pre internet days, such jobs could only be found by word of mouth, or through mainstream channels like the classified listings published in weekly news columns.

Because of the internet, a new ultra competitive dynamic for writers has taken off and created a relationship among writers, the net, and the global community inextricably linked.