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Article writer needed – Proofreading Jobs

Dec 27

Location: Anywhere
Start: Immediately
Budget: Less than $500

Job Description

We are looking for a professional writer to take care of the writing for our niche and micro niche sites.

Articles must be:
– 500 words or more
– Written with SEO on mind ( Must contain phrases related to the niche that visitors look for )
– Well researched and contain accurate information.

You will be provided with a list of 50 keywords ( niches ) you will be asked to write three articles about each niche, this is well written articles to start with.

Please keep in mind this job is able to be a part time job, if we found our chosen one

A Noble Profession in Proofreading Jobs


A Noble Profession in Proofreading Jobs Okay, they say that anyone can proofread but I truly do not believe that! Proofreading jobs may sound simple to many people but it is not. These jobs pay very well and require just a little effort from the proofreader. Many people flood to the proofreading jobs but later walk away because they underestimate the work that is needed.

Proofreading jobs require one to have very good English; if not excellent or perfect. One needs to be highly detailed to spot the smallest mistakes made in the English language or any other language. There is also the element of speed. I could say that proofreading jobs are very ‘delicate’ especially to the proofreader. The smallest and simplest mistakes can easily cost you your reputation and your career. Therefore, they must be perfectly done for you to be successful.

Do not be too quick to think that you will easily make a lot of money in a short period of time especially if you have just begun. You may need to start low to build your proofreading skills and establish yourself. This way you get to have references of your work and increased opportunities of referral from your past clients.

One can even start their own proofreading business. But if you find that technical, then you should try the freelancers’ sites like oDesk, Freelancer and Elance. Almost all proofreaders are editors. This is because in sharpening one skill you also enhance the other. As a result, multiple proofreading jobs are tied with editing jobs. As you become better every day, you are able to increase your rates to make more money. Another way to earn more would be to learn a new language and become a bilingual.

This is a continuous profession. You must keep on learning and improving. It is actually a way of life. You have to keep on reading novels, articles, newspapers, magazines and anything else that will improve your grasp of the language. One can never be 100% perfect in a language. There is always room for improvement. So continue learning.