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40 articles, 500 words each, product descriptions – Proof Reading

Nov 30

Location: Anywhere
Start: Immediately
Budget: Less than $500

Job Description

I need a professional to write 40 articles for me – each article will have around 500 words.

Articles are product/brand descriptions.
There is information available on the web about those brands.
However, I require 100% original articles.
I know the product descriptions of my competitors.
It is not job for someone who just want to use article spinner.
I pay only for original articles.

Proof Reading A Job for Everyone


Proof Reading A Job for EveryoneLanguage is a combination of structures that are segregated together to form easy flowing melodious sounds that from the basis of communication. Communication is two ended in the sense that there is interaction between the sender and the receiver where ideas are exchanged for intellectual advancement. Grammar is the rule that governs this structure which maintains the symmetrical combination of sounds so that ideas may be clearly exchanged. Sounds are joined together to form words, words combine to form sentences and sentences jointly form a paragraph to expand ideas. Good communication also requires proper spelling and grammatically corrects sentences.

The quality of language is sharpened by constant use and its highest level of presentation is used by researchers who achieve a fine polish through constant brushing. Good language is vital to any creative work of art. In this context it is essential to check for mistakes in the areas of spelling and grammatical usage. It is here that proof reading becomes an important issue. Particularly in the area of the print media proof reading is absolutely essential. Good proof reading habits help to enhance the quality of a work. Researchers also produce original pieces of writing that require meticulous proof reading habits in order to maintain a high standard in quality.

Proof reading is the initial process in the production of any piece of writing. Even if a short article of a single page has to be published, the final copy needs meticulous proof reading before it is submitted for publication. Writing is an inherent skill that would be appreciated only if the document is presented without mistakes; with this end in view, proper proof reading would give the writer a good facelift when his document is presented to public view. Hence proof reading is an essential aspect of any printed document. It ensures that there is correct grammatical usage and is free from errors in spelling so that it retails its appeal.