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10 Articles – Diet For Weight Loss – Proofreading Jobs

Dec 27

Location: Anywhere
Start: Immediately
Budget: Less than $500

Job Description

I require 15 articles of no less than 500 words targeting the following specific keywords.

diet for weight loss
diet chart for weight loss
diet plan for weight loss
best diet for weight loss
7 day diet plan for weight loss
high protein diet for weight loss
best diet plans for weight loss
diet shakes for weight loss
healthy diet for weight loss
vegetarian diet for weight loss
weight loss diet plan for women
fruit diet for weight loss
liquid diet for weight loss
weight loss diet plan for men
detox diet for weight loss

These articles are being posted to my web site, so must be high quality. They need to provide good quality information, or answer a question for the person searching the keyword.

My budget allows for $5 per article. Thanks, but any offers of rates higher than $5 will not be considered.

Proofreading Jobs A Great Way


Proofreading Jobs A Great Way Proofreading jobs is a great way for a writer to brush up on his craft and help others at the same time. Proofreading jobs have become increasingly practical for those who want to sharpen their articulation by vicariously speaking through the language of others. The usefulness of this practice will endure for a lifetime. Any professional writer will tell you that the success of their work is in practice. The similarity in this field can be compared to music. It has been said that 10,000 hours of pure practice will make anybody a virtuoso. This rule was even applicable to the infamous Mozart. Just as one must tune his musical instrument before speaking through it, so must one practice the art of proofreading before mastering the art of writing.

Proofreading jobs are plentiful. Everybody and anybody could benefit from them. The world is becoming increasingly literate, and so it is important that we each serve as a good influence for one another. It starts with individual responsibility, and learning how to educate oneself. Subsequently, social responsibility unfolds by leading by example and teaching others. Everyone can benefit from improved language.

Any writer will tell you that whatever time is spent on writing is either equaled or surpassed by the editing process. The two activities often blend together. Furthermore, having others read your own work is crucial when solidifying an operating perspective. To check the work from all different angles validates the wholeness of the writing. In other words, proofreading jobs can help others become more well rounded.

It can often be to the great annoyance of debate opponents when somebody’s proofreading skills shine through. Nothing is worse than having somebody publicly corrected in the face of their opponent. The comedic effect can be devastating.

For all these reasons and more, proofreading jobs accomplish many purposes. The position may sound dry at first, but after the work is done the rewards make it well worth it. It should be encouraged to every student inside or outside of any University or College.